How to make a heater

I saw this very cool room heater that uses no electricity online a few years ago. We finally decided to make this year and I will say that 4 tea-light candles raised my living room temperature by one degree when we used it as supplemental heat inside the fireplace.

This craft is really just assembly of the materials. The hardest part of making this is finding flower pots when they are out of season and finding a place to hang this once you’ve made it.

how to make a flower pot heater
  1. Screw on one nut one inch from top.
  2. Lock in place with a second nut.
  3. Slide the last link of the chain on to the rod, then loop and thread the opposite end of the chain on the thread.
  4. Lock the chain into place with a bolt.
  5. Turn the rod upside down and begin assembly with a washer.
  6. Thread the larger pot onto the rod.
  7. Thread washer next to pot.
  8. Add bolt.
  9. Add washer.
  10. Add smaller pot.
  11. Add washer, bolt, and bolt to lock in the pot.
  12. Add washer bolt three times.
  13. Place washer on each side of the pot base and thread into place with the remaining bolt

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