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Make it a lavender outdoor wedding

outdoor weddingAn outdoor wedding can be one of the best ways to celebrate beginning a life together. The natural setting, whether a beach, a meadow, a park or your backyard, adds a blissful ambience for you and your guests. Just tuck sprigs of lavender in the bridal bouquet and men’s boutonnières for a colorful and heavenly fragrant event.

Bridal couples choosing an outdoor wedding offer a personal, informal experience for their guests that will be remembered for a very long time. We especially love wedding gowns and attire for outdoor events. The flowing gowns, made from silk, taffeta, batiste, dotted Swiss and even muslin, with a wisp of a veil reflect nature. Guests will be more comfortable too as long as you take care of them.

Outdoor weddings come with more risk than traditional indoor ceremonies. Uninvited guests such as insects, wind, rain, humidity and sunburn can diminish your special day, but if you have (and you really should have) a backup plan – all will be well.

If your wedding is in the middle of summer, make sure your guests are cool and well sheltered from the burning sun. Provide lots of ice-cold water or lemonade (alcohol actually dehydrates the body, so save that for the reception) and paper fans will help. You could even print your wedding program on the fan for a lovely keepsake.

If your wedding is at sunset, seat your guests so the sun is at their backs and not glaring in their eyes.

What did they say? Everyone wants to hear your wedding ceremony. Have a professional sound system installed that can handle wind and diminish outdoor sounds.

What will we eat? Round Lavender Barn has an array of lavender infused desserts to compliment your menu and wrap up your very special lavender day!

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