Mom’s Packing Guide for Philmont Scout Ranch Boy Scout Adventure in Cimarron

When our son shared he was going to hike 100 miles in the mountains, survival style we were very excited for the adventure. We had 12 months to plan, buy, research, train and prepare. But when we started to buy items for him we had to decide if we were going to buy box store quick solutions, or invest in quality camping gear that he could have forever. Since Philmont is already a bit of an investment, we decided to land in the middle and buy quality gear that would last for several years but not necessarily break our bank.

We overpacked buying him a trowel and clothesline and deodorant which he did not use. So for future Philmont mom’s, these are the items he did use. Because, you quickly find out they don’t use deodorant  at Philmont. Now moms, this is the pack list for their hiking gear. You should pack a basecamp bag with deodorant, and laundry soap to name a few.

I found the miscellaneous items, sleeping gear, and pack and bags easier to find and prepare for

  1. Toothbrush – This was a surprise find and recommended on several hiking blogs we found.
  2. Pocket Soap (50 Leaves) – I will say this was very rarely used.
  3. Travel Towels
  4. Compass
  5. Trekking Poles – we quickly learned that cork handles were preferred by most hikers
  6. Solar Light
  7. Waterproof Matches Case
  8. Knife w/ Polymer Sheath – this knife is so lightweight
  9. Hydration Bladder  (100-Ounce/3 Litre)
  10. Collapsible Water Bottle – 3 Pack – these are used for flavoring drinks
  11. Knife, Fork and Spoon Set
  12. Backpacker Mug
  13. Bowl
  14. Sunglasses
  15. Watch,  with Paracord Whistle Fire Starter Scraper Compass and Thermometer
  16. Bandana
  17. Waterproof Clear Playing Cards – This is a luxury item but was used frequently
  18. Water Filter
  19. Sunscreen
  20. Pillow
  21. Mattress
  22. Sleeping Bag
  23. Compression Dry Sack – to keep the sleeping bag dry and compact
  24. Backpack
  25. Waterproof Rain Cover for Backpacks 45L to 90L – the Teton backpack includes a rain cover
  26. Dry Sack – for clothes
  27. Tent
  28. Chair – luxury item
  29. 2x Pants
  30. 2 x T-Shirt
  31. Boxerjock
  32. Hiking Cushion Socks
  33. Raincoat
  34.  Hiking Shoes
  35. Creek crossing shoes
  36. Coat
  37. Hand Sanitizer
  38. Biowipes


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