how to plant lavender

How to plant lavender

Shopping list: You will need the lavender plant of your choice, small stones, bone meal, lime and manure

how to plant lavender
How to plant lavender

Known as a soothing, fragrant herb, lavender is an excellent addition to your garden. Planted correctly, it will give you years of pleasure and vibrant color.

Lavender loves sun. Before you begin, soak your new lavender plant in its container and set aside. Also, trim a little off the top for a bushy, productive plant.

  • Make an 18-24 inch mound of well-cultivated soil in the sun. If you are planting multiple plants, space the mounds according to the plant heights you chose.
  • In the mound, dig a hole just deep enough for your plant and fill the hole with two handfuls of stone, and a half-cup mixture of equal parts bone meal, lime and manure.
  • Gently remove the lavender plant from the container and brush off all excess dirt so you have a bare root. Tuck the root over the stones, lime, manure and bone meal and add soil to fill in around the plant base.
  • The roots will take several months to establish, so water regularly and then during dry periods or when the soil dries out.

Lavender is a perennial, lasting many years in your garden. The plant peaks in its third year, but the wait will be well worth it.

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