Snow Day Crafts

Snowflakes. Designing snowflakes is an activity for all ages.

  • Toddlers can color snowflake print outs.
  • Preschooler and elementary students can freestyle cut snowflakes.
  • Older children can try their hand at paper quilling. Ok that quilling example link is much more in-depth than we have ever gone but it is a beautiful example of the art. You can see our attempt in the picture above.
  • 3D print a snowflake
  • And on my maybe some day list, crochet a snowflake

Make snow. Making snow is a great sensory table item for young children.

Make a Snowman kit. I first made this 15 years ago now and am overwhelmed with happiness every winter when my child still pulls this out of the box and uses it. The snowman kit is an ideal project for elementary aged children.

Winter wonderland word cross. Our middle schooler created this word cross with some winter inspiration.

Make a heater. This rather quick assembly of a terra cotta heater kept my middle schooler engaged and curious as we tested if the heater changed the temperature around different parts of the home.

Make snowshoes. We haven’t conquered this one yet. But in the Jan/Feb 2021 issue of Xplor by the Missouri Department of Conservation, the magazine walks you through how to make snowshoes.

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