lavender gardening

What to plant with lavender

lavender gardening
What to plant with Lavender

Are your lavender plants standing tall, gently flowing in the breeze, adding fragrance in your garden? To make an even more dramatic effect, we think the plants should have company to enhance their beauty even more.

As you begin your search of companion lavender plants, limit it to only heat resistant types. Lavender loves sun and more sun. Companion plants should love sun and dry conditions too.

If you’re interested in using lavender for your herb garden, oregano and rosemary are excellent choices. Basil, savory, parsley and cilantro are good choices. They too have luscious scents. What a sensory experience that would be! For the best visual impact, choose herbs of different heights and colors.

Lavender is perfectly at home in your flower garden too. For the balanced garden, make a list all flowers that interest you and can survive in the sun. Lavender, because of its height, makes a perfect backdrop for shorter plants. We like portulaca in the front. It grows low and spreads beautifully. Coneflowers are another colorful choice. While the traditional purple coneflower is still a favorite, newer varieties include bright green, a soft pink, orange and yellow. What a great way to have fun with a riot of colors.

Lambs ear works well and is a perennial. Spike and speedwell are more great choices for your lavender-based garden. Zinnias and marigolds will add a touch of brilliant yellow and gold.

As the centerpiece of your garden, lavender pleases not only us humans, but attracts butterflies, bees and hummingbirds. This summer, enjoy your colorful garden and feel good about sharing with our pollinators and beneficial insects.

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